Danh Vo Relics por Danh Vo, Andrew Berardini

Danh Vo Relics por Danh Vo, Andrew Berardini
Titulo del libro : Danh Vo Relics
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 24, 2017
Autor : Danh Vo, Andrew Berardini
Número de páginas : 100
ISBN : 8867491415
Editor : Mousse Publishing

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Danh Vo, Andrew Berardini con Danh Vo Relics

In Relics, Andrew Berardini explores the work of Danh Vo (born 1975) to show how art gives utterance to history's shadows upon our lives. Inspired by an exhibition in Mexico City, Berardini's deeply personal investigation of Vo's work discusses a sexy Statue of Liberty, John Keats' tombstone and the holy trinity in a license plate.