Un camino hecho al andar por Lee Spark Jones

Un camino hecho al andar por Lee Spark Jones
Titulo del libro : Un camino hecho al andar
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 6, 2012
Autor : Lee Spark Jones
Número de páginas : 175
Editor : Julie Diamond

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Lee Spark Jones con Un camino hecho al andar

Process work, a groundbreaking new form of psychotherapy, is explained and explored in this step-by-step guide for cutting-edge mental health professionals and individuals interested in self-therapy. Information on the history of process work, recent developments in the field, a discussion of background concepts and terms, and annotated client–facilitator case studies provide readers with a detailed framework for understanding the methodology, while tips and exercises on fundamental terms and concepts provide practitioners with the practical experience needed to administer the therapy. All aspects of the psychotherapeutic encounter are covered, including the structure of psychotherapeutic interactions and how to work within a therapeutic relationship.

About the Author

Julie Diamond studies process-oriented psychology with founder Arnold Mindell and runs her own private practice. She is the author of Status and Power in Verbal Interaction. Lee Spark Jones, Ph.D is a psychologist with extensive experience teaching process work in Australia, Europe, and the United States. They both live in Portland, Oregon.